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  • If you've ever taken a photo in sunlight from your smartphone or placed an older model CCTV camera outside in a position where it is exposed to varying degrees of brightness, the chances are that at one point in time you may have experienced loss of detail in the darker areas of the picture. You may also have noticed that in some conditions you can also lose definition in the brighter parts of the picture too leading to what is mostly an ineffective and unusable picture quality.

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  • Satsecure Sponsors Local Footballing Heroes Ivy Galaxy

    We are very happy to announce that Satsecure is now proud to sponsor of local football team Galaxy Ivy for the 2016-17 season. This comes after supermarket chain Sainsbury's decided to end its two-year association with the club at the end of the 2015-16 season.

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    Over the past decade we have seen CCTV becoming more accessible and easier to install. This has led to an increase in the use of cameras in the UK by both the general public and business owners. This has greatly helped to protect the people of the UK and their property, however there are a few legal pitfalls that some users may not know exist when capturing footage in both public and private property. This blog will highlight some of the main factors that need to be considered to have a legal CCTV system securing your property.

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  • The UK has seen an ever increasing amount of data being used, transferred and stored over the last decade. One of the main contributors to this increase was the advent of Ultra HD screen resolutions such as 4K and the upcoming 8K. It is currently estimated that around 70% of internet traffic consumed is video content. As the new wave of Ultra HD resolutions have a dependence on large amounts of data to work efficiently, it was thought by experts in compression technology that a solution that improves the current standard of data compression was required.

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  • Basic CCTV Installation Guide

    Here is our basic CCTV installation guide to help you get set up with a new system. We recognise that everyone's kit and application may be different but this should help you with probably one of the most confusing steps, connecting up your wiring. The diagram below is for Analogue and HD-SDI systems, if you have an IP system with POE (Power Over Ethernet) then you wont have a power supply for your cameras.

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  • Why you should change your default CCTV password

    A Lovely Image of Someone's Living Room

    Recently it has been widely reported about websites which have been openly streaming video from surveillance systems across the globe, the largest being a website called Insecam which featured over 73,000 live streams from networked CCTV systems whose owners had failed to change their default DVR & NVR passwords. There have been reports criticizing Continue reading

  • Understanding CCTV Cameras FAQ

    This CCTV camera faq guide should help you choose security cameras to best suit your needs. If you want the most out of your CCTV system then this choice is critical to providing you with the security you need. This FAQ should explain some of the more complex and misunderstood aspects of cameras.


    How does a camera work?

    Like a human eye, light enters through the pupil (camera lens), then it hits the retina (image sensor) which processes the image into a signal. This signal is Continue reading

  • A soon to be published public survey, by the UK government’s surveillance camera commissioner in conjunction with the British Standards Institution, investigates how the government can work to raise the standards of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) users in the UK. It is estimated that we had 5.9 million CCTV surveillance cameras being used both privately and publicly in the UK in 2015, and it is said that an individual is likely to be captured on average 30 times a day by CCTV. The massive growth in the number of cameras being used has once again re-lit the ever present argument as to the necessity of millions of cameras in the UK. So as suppliers of CCTV equipment it raises two questions: "Does CCTV actually prevent crime?" and "Why has CCTV use risen?".

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  • What is a Home Plug? A Guide to Powerline Adapters


    Have Internet Everywhere In Your House With Home Plugs!

    Home plugs (also known as Powerline Adapters) allow you to distribute wired internet around your home with ease. Basically, a Home Plug turns the electrical circuitry in your house into a massive internet cable. If you are having trouble getting wireless internet in the Continue reading

  • Having the ability to view your surveillance system from different parts of the world, or even whilst at your local pub is great, but what if someone else is watching your property too?

    Is your DVR Secure?

    With technology moving forward it has become ever easier to make sure your home or business is safe, but what if other people could view your footage?  We have previously mentioned a website ( which featured over 73,000 live streams from networked CCTV systems and cameras available for public viewing. The reason being, users have forgotten to change their default passwords. This website was shut down for a period of time but it is back and it is a great reminder to all CCTV owners the need to change your password!

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