CCTV Installation

  • Would you like to learn how to connect a CCTV system? Let us show you!

    Watch the video below where Matt, a member of the Satsecure team shows you how to connect a CCTV system and what you need.

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  • Basic CCTV Installation Guide

    Here is our basic CCTV installation guide to help you get set up with a new system. We recognise that everyone's kit and application may be different but this should help you with probably one of the most confusing steps, connecting up your wiring. The diagram below is for Analogue and HD-SDI systems, if you have an IP system with POE (Power Over Ethernet) then you wont have a power supply for your cameras.

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  • When setting up your CCTV recorder, you'll notice the option to choose between mainstream or substream. But, what are mainstream and substream? These settings are used for viewing your DVR over LAN, WAN or Internet. Here is a detailed explanation of the two.

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