Surface Mounted Infrared LEDs, What are the benefits?

What are the Benefits of the New Surface Mounted Infrared LEDs?

As time goes on, all electronic equipment undergoes changes; and improvements make products better, more efficient, and easier to use. Case in point, newer CCTV cameras are being produced with fewer infrared sensors than before. So, what are the benefits from this change?

Old Style IR LEDS vs New

  • • Power - The latest infrared LEDS are up to 40% more powerful than previous LEDS. The inbuilt reflectors in each LED effectively maximise the light output, resulting in fewer LEDS needed on the board.


Here's an interesting fact: Because they're smaller, the new LEDs are mounted on the camera circuit boards by machines instead of people, resulting in greater production speed and placement accuracy.

Old vs New IR LEDs close-up Check out the tiny IR LED reflectors on both sides of the LEDs on new version! Another interesting fact: the blue light like cap sticking out on the new version, is the light sensor that turns the IR LEDs on when it's dark.
  • • Energy Efficient - If you look closely at the new IR LEDs on the image above you'll see slim reflectors at each side of the bulb. These reflectors make the LEDs more energy efficient by increasing distribution of the infrared light.


What this means: A 30m IR range camera fitted with older LEDs requires 32 LEDs to provide up to 30 meters of night vision. In contrast, a 30 m IR camera using newer IR LED technology, only uses 24 LEDs to provide you with the same range.


  • • Reliability and Longevity - Fewer LEDs on the board means less chance of failure. As a result, you get powerful night vision with the added bonus of a longer camera lifespan.


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