What is a Home Plug? A guide to powerline adapters

What is a Home Plug? A Guide to Powerline Adapters


Have Internet Everywhere In Your House With Home Plugs!

Home plugs (also known as Powerline Adapters) allow you to distribute wired internet around your home with ease. Basically, a Home Plug turns the electrical circuitry in your house into a massive internet cable. If you are having trouble getting wireless internet in the furthest reaches of your home then Home Plugs might be of help!

Despite the technology being a few years old Home Plugs are still relativley unknown in the consumer world. Home Plugs usually come in packs of twos, and include network cables for connecting your them to your router and to any other required device. You can add as many Home Plugs into a chain as you like - you can have one in every room if you want! 





Below is a quick guide on how to install Home Plugs and start getting mega fast internet everywhere:



1. Plug the first Home Plug into a power socket close to your internet router and make sure the socket is switched on.

2. Plug the second Home Plug into another power socket where you want to send internet and make sure the socket is on.

3. Connect your router to the first Home Plug using a network (CAT5 / 6) cable.

4. Connect your required device (eg. A satellite receiver, a games console, a desktop computer) to the second Home Plug using a network (CAT5 / 6) cable.

5. Some Home Plugs have a link button on them. Press the link button on the first, then the link button on the next to link them together.

6. Enjoy speedy internet anywhere in your home!

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