PSA: Why you should change your default CCTV password

Why you should change your default CCTV password

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Recently it has been widely reported about websites which have been openly streaming video from surveillance systems across the globe, the largest being a website called Insecam which featured over 73,000 live streams from networked CCTV systems whose owners had failed to change their default DVR & NVR passwords. There have been reports criticizing this website message claiming to only exist to make the public aware of this security flaw. But whether it is right or wrong for these video feeds to be online the message is the same. Change your passwords!!!

Many surveillance recorder manufacturers produce all of their systems with the same default username and password so it is no wonder that many users have just left things with their default settings. But you should be aware that by doing so you are basically leaving your front door unlocked for anyone to come in and mess with your system, view your cameras, view previous recordings, or turn it off entirely. Also, and probably the most dangerous thing by having your IP address people can find your premises on the map and even get your postcode.


Leaked Cameras

If you happened to have purchased a QR-coded system from us it means you are safer than most as all of our QR scan systems each have a unique username/password combination per box. Only serious brute-force hacking would get through that!

When you do change our password remember to write it down somewhere in a safe place, that way it doesn’t have to be memorable. If you want to use a very strong password try this website( to generate one for you. If like me you struggle to remember all of those pesky codes I recommend keeping all of your passwords secure within a password-protected spreadsheet on a USB drive.

We take security seriously both offline and online so be safe out there folks and change your passwords.