Basic CCTV Installation Guide

Basic CCTV Installation Guide

Here is our basic CCTV installation guide to help you get set up with a new system. We recognise that everyone's kit and application may be different but this should help you with probably one of the most confusing steps, connecting up your wiring. The diagram below is for Analogue and HD-SDI systems, if you have an IP system with POE (Power Over Ethernet) then you wont have a power supply for your cameras.

Basic wiring diagram

I. Choose Your Camera Locations

Consider the field of view required, and avoid (if you can) pointing the CCTV cameras at direct sources of light (bright doorways, windows, lighting, etc.) as this may affect the image quality. Conversely, you should ensure there is sufficient lighting available.


II. Run Your Cables

For each camera location, run one of the pre-terminated cables supplied, between the camera location and the location of the control equipment (DVR). Ensure the male power plug is at the camera side and the power socket is at the control equipment side. Connect each cameras video out socket to a video input socket on the DVR via the BLACK BNC (push & twist) lead on the cable supplied (at each end).


III. Power your Cameras

Connect each of the CCTV camera’s power input to the 4/5/8 way power supply splitter lead on the power supply via the same cable as above. Please note that both the DVR and the cameras are powered by one power supply.


IV. Power your DVR

Connect the DVR to the power supply input on the DVR, once this is done you can connect the DVR, monitor & camera power supply to the mains.


V. Connect the Monitor to the DVR

Using either a BNC-BNC/Scart lead or a VGA lead. If you do require an additional lead please contact our sales department on 0161 430 3849 or browse our website (when using a TFT monitor please refer to manufacturers connection instructions).


VI. Program your DVR

Continue to program the DVR as per the instruction manual. PLEASE NOTE (the manual may ask you to install the hard drive; if you purchase one from us then this has already been done for you and should be ready to go).


Instructions on the DVR will be available on the CD provided, as well as the booklet.

 Please note: Your recorder/cameras may not be exact to picture.