In Memoriam Mark Bryce

"Sometimes relationships draw to a natural end, but there was nothing natural about this. Fully expecting to see you on Monday morning, making your morning drink, getting ready to conquer the challenges of the day, reality is yet to fully sink in that you are no longer with us.
I remember when we first met - your interview - it was your professional demeanour and the confidence with which you carried yourself that made you stand out, and it was also that I could tell you were a very nice guy. Nearly three years later, you've become such an asset to the team, though you are also much more than that.

Mark Bryce

You grew as the company grew, always willing to go a step further to finish that task, close that deal or solve that problem. You were more than committed to your job, you owned the role. It was clear to see how much pride you took in being part of the team and doing your part.
Your friendly, gentle nature, and sensitivity was warming and influential. You embodied the culture - one of teamwork, unity, and integrity. Thank you Mark for your impact on our business. I was so very much looking forward to planning how we were going to create more successes with you and the key business relationships you had created. You had passed your driving test just a few weeks ago, a fantastic accomplishment given that you had to balance that over the course of several months during a key growth period in the business. Massive congratulations were in order. I'm glad I was able to share a pint with you to celebrate. Such is my competitive nature though that I wasn't willing to let you win at pool to make your day even sweeter!
As I said though, you are much more than that. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for helping to shape me as a person, through our interactions both inside and outside of the workplace. I will miss not hearing your 'geordie not geordie' accent, your sense of humour, and just generally sharing our thoughts and ideas with each other, as we work towards our common goals.
You have left a 'Mark Bryce' shaped hole not only in Satsecure, but our lives. But thank you so much for having been here in our lives for the time that you were, for we will always remember that. I know the rest of us at Satsecure will miss you dearly and join me in voicing our gratitude to your positive impact in both our professional and personal lives.
My prayers are with all those who share in the mourning and grieving of our friend, and also son, and brother. Rest in peace Mark."

-Andy Lee