8 Helpful Tips Now That You Own a CCTV System

If you are among the many home and business owners who've made the decision to take control of their security, here are:

8 Helpful Tips Now that you Own a CCTV System

1. Use Weatherproof Cables If the installation cables are mostly external to your property, you'll want them to be weatherproof to avoid any weather damage.

2. Use Trunking/Conduit If your property structure doesn't allow to hide all cables behind the wall, consider trunking. In addition to tidying up your installation by hiding cables from view, it adds an extra layer of protection by preventing tampering. If the cables are run outside of the property, use electrical conduit.

3. Download the Free Mobile App Most CCTV recorders will give you the option to download a free CCTV app to your mobile or tablet. Make sure you download it before adjusting your security cameras and you'll be able to instantly view the video feed from your cameras as you are adjusting them. You'll be glad to know some systems allow you to view your cameras wherever you are in the world.

You can keep an eye on your home and businesss with CCTV while you're away from home You can keep an eye on your home and business with CCTV while you're away from home

4. Rename the Cameras The DVR will automatically name the cameras with generic names. You can customise each camera depending on the positioning around your property. For example: "front door", "driveway", "back garden", etc.

5. Change the Password Changing the password on your CCTV recorder is an essential and easy step towards the safety of your data. If your recorder comes with a password, it's likely to be factory generated, such as "00000" or "12345"; an easy guess to anyone with access. Make sure you pick a strong password, a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols is the safest bet.

6. Keep your Recorder in a Safe Place Keeping your recorder away from view is key to ensure your data remains intact should your property fall victim to a burglary. The footage will help local authority to spread the word and capture the perpetrators. If you want to take an additional measurement of precaution, we recommend you get a recorder lockbox.

7. Save Hard Drive Space Did you know that you can set your CCTV cameras to record only when movement is detected? This is a great way to make the most of your hard drive space because it'll only record when necessary. These and many more useful features can be found in your recorder's user guide, so be sure to read it carefully.

8. Be Transparent Because privacy is a serious concern to all, make sure to let your neighbours know that you're installing CCTV in your property. Speak to them, and avoid pointing cameras in their property's direction to avoid complaints. Consider putting up signage, clearly informing the public that recording is taking place.

We hope you've found this article helpful. Remember we're here to help with all your CCTV needs and welcome any questions you may have. Get in touch by calling our experts at 0161 4303849 emailing sales@satsecure.uk

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