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  • What is a Home Plug? A Guide to Powerline Adapters


    Have Internet Everywhere In Your House With Home Plugs!

    Home plugs (also known as Powerline Adapters) allow you to distribute wired internet around your home with ease. Basically, a Home Plug turns the electrical circuitry in your house into a massive internet cable. If you are having trouble getting wireless internet in the Continue reading

  • Having the ability to view your surveillance system from different parts of the world, or even whilst at your local pub is great, but what if someone else is watching your property too?

    Is your DVR Secure?

    With technology moving forward it has become ever easier to make sure your home or business is safe, but what if other people could view your footage?  We have previously mentioned a website ( which featured over 73,000 live streams from networked CCTV systems and cameras available for public viewing. The reason being, users have forgotten to change their default passwords. This website was shut down for a period of time but it is back and it is a great reminder to all CCTV owners the need to change your password!

    Continue reading

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